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I Didn't Ask For This

I Didn't Ask For This

Jun 26, 2011

Passage: Amos 7:10-17

Preacher: Dwight Radcliff

Series: Fight The Power

Keywords: prophecy, propetic, preaching, america, slavery, jim, crow, segregation, gospel, jesus, ministry, black, hispanic, prison, arrest, society, god, calling, issues, pastor, dwight, radcliff, message, center, series


This series addresses the lack of true prophetic preaching in this country. We use Amos as a lens to see our America and the corruption of our society. The privatization of prisons and the alarming arrest and incarceration rates for Blacks and Hispanics are returning us to slavery. We like to tout that this country was built on liberty and the pursuit of happiness...but for who? What is the Church saying? Are we too busy praying for miracles to address the real issues? What has God called us to do about his? What is the Good News in light of this bad situation? How do I find my voice? This first message looks at the prophet Amos who did not ask to for this calling or to be a prophet, but was selected by God.