Contact Us

  • Phone: (424) 266-9690
  • Email: 
  • Mailing Address: 555 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Suite 228 Gardena, CA 90248


Service Times

  • Worship: Sundays @9:00am
  • Prayer: Tuesdays @6:30pm
  • Bible Study, Unplugged: Tuesdays @7:00pm





5am PrayerBe here to pray for your family, your nation, and your church. Monday, January 8. (Noon-day prayer on Tuesday, January 9)

Communion & Table Fellowship - Table fellowship will be after worship on 2nd Sunday, January 14. Please bring your meal and let’s break bread together.

Bible Study Unplugged - Bible Study, Unplugged will resume Tuesday, January 9.

Annual Business Meeting - will be held Tuesday, January 2, at 7:15pm. Only active members of the church are allowed to attend this meeting. We will discuss the financial status, and future direction, of our ministry.

DiscipleshipStart the new year off by finishing your Discipleship class. Classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:30am (immediately following morning worship). If you are a new member, or want to get grounded or refreshed in your faith, meet Elder Roneshia here.

Outreach - Engaging our community is what we do. Meet us at the Gardena Retirement Center on Vermont Ave at 2pm on first Saturdays.

Season of Sacrifice - Every year we set aside (sanctify) the month of January for God. We engage in weekly sacrifices (Monday-Friday) as we seek to dedicate ourselves to God.

Week 1* Media - No secular TV/Movies/YouTube, video games

Week 2  Food - Fasting daily until (12pm, 3pm, or  5:30pm)

Week 3 Music - No secular music, radio, Pandora

Week 4 Selfishness - Pay it forward & No gossip/evil talk

*week one starts on Tuesday, January 2

Covenant Sunday - We close out our Season of Sacrifice on January 28. Covenant Sunday is our time to strip away everything else and simply return to the heart of worship - a community of believers gathered to worship our Lord and minister to one another. Our clergy will be in vestments and there will be no instruments or media. Every member is asked to give a sacrificial ‘firstfruits’ offering (Neh 10:35 “We promise to bring the first part of every harvest to the Lord’s Temple year after year—whether it be a crop from the soil or from our fruit trees.).