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A Real Sunday Fun Day!

Posted by Danyol Jaye on with 1 Comments

If you know anything about The Message Center and our Pastor, you know that we are not the type of church to get stuck in yearly activities that simply may or may not work. However, our annual beach service is NOT one of those activities! It works. Every single year, it works. Since its conceptual manifestation, it has been a time of great testimonies, experiences, breakthroughs, and fellowship that no other church (at least none like ours) does to the degree in which we do it.

It started with a vision; a thought really, that Pastor Radcliff had while realizing he had never seen something like this done in all his years of preaching and pastoring. He wanted to know how he could incorporate God’s mission. To go out into the world and spread the love and word of Jesus Christ in a way that would capture not only regular church goers, but those who may never want or feel the need to enter the four walls of a traditional church building. So, Bolsa Chica State Beach became our guinea pig and eventually our home away from home one Summer day out of the year!

With songs that we sing together to heartfelt testimonials from those we love and cherish, to a poignant word from our Pastor, we gather as a community to experience the greatness of God. His creation, His children, His purpose all aligning together to spread the experience that we have all come to know and love. Foot washing takes place as elders and deacons wash the feet of the members and pray a small prayer over their life. We have communion together as to pay respect to the ultimate sacrificing of Jesus. It is also the one time of year that we baptize those who want to publicly display the choice they’ve already made in their lives to follow and get closer to God.

For those who have never been and come for the first time, it is always such a spiritual experience. One of surrealism and gratification; this year was no different. Friends and family gathered together to enjoy a true Sunday Fun Day at Bolsa Chica State Beach. One special member got a world of surprise when her boyfriend proposed right after our baptisms! It was definitely the right time to party and celebrate the love of Jesus that was circling that beach. Meat was on the grills, coolers were open (with non-alcoholic drinks of course), music was playing, people dancing and jump roping and doing what families do: laughing and joking while having a good, great time!

As we packed it up to head on home, one thing kept circling through my mind as I looked up at what was the most beautiful sunset I’d ever witnessed. I thought, how precious human life must be for God to create such a beautiful creation and then let another beautiful creation dwell in it. Every day is a gift, every sunset an original hand crafted masterpiece. Every wave is a reminder that things will come and go and often times crash against something that is rough and hard, but in the grand scheme of things it all works within its purpose to perpetuate the beauty and sovereign will of God. I know I’m one of many who are happy and grateful to be part of that will. Until next year….we hope to see you at the beach! Until then stop on by the building. We’re pretty awesome and amazing there too!

To view more pictures of our Beach Service 2015 CLICK HERE!


By Danyol Jaye 

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Michelle Farthing September 8, 2015 4:58pm

Beautifully written! This was our second time experiencing the beach service and the baptisms as we spread the word for more to come out and join us next year. Great job Message Center and Danyol Jaye, your words are beautiful.